MP Care provides its clients with late-model vehicles consisting of ambulances and wheelchair coach vehicles.  All of our vehicles are inspected thoroughly daily and are compliant with all New Jersey Office of Emergency Services and New Jersey Department of Health regulations.  Our clients ride safely knowing that they will receive the best quality care being transported in safe, clean, good-working vehicles. 

(Type II)
Basic Life Support Ambulance Van 

Our late-model Type II Basic Life Support Ambulance Vans are fully equipped with the required supplies as per the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management guidelines to provide you with the best medical care.  All MP Care ambulances are fully equipped and ready to provide emergency medical care if necessary.  MP Care provides its Emergency Medical Technicians with “Go Bags.”  This provides our crews quick, portable, and efficient supplies that we find to be essential when not knowing what type of emergency our crews may find after arriving at a scene.  Furthermore, our clients can take comfort in knowing that unlike some of our competitors, all MP Care ambulances on the road are equipped with an Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).   

(Type III)
Basic Life Support Box Truck Ambulance 

Our Basic Life Support Box Truck Ambulances are ready to provide you with the same quality service as our Type II model ambulances, with more room and additional supplies.  These ambulances provide our vendors the convenience of 12VDC 120VAC electrical power outlets in the patient compartment areas.  This allows nurses, medics, and other more advanced medical personnel to plug in electronic medical equipment such as ventilators, EKG monitors, and other various equipment.   

(Type III)
Basic Life Support Ambulance Box Truck - Bariatric

Our Bariatric box truck ambulances provide our clients and vendors with all the same conveniences as our standard box truck ambulance (Type III), but with additional supplies to safely transport bariatric patients up to 900 lbs.  

Wheelchair Coach Van

MP Care has a fleet of wheelchair coach vans with heavy duty hydraulic lifts to safely transport wheelchair dependent patients with ease and comfort.  These vehicles also have the flexibility to also transport individuals who can ambulate who may not need a wheelchair.  Our patients can take comfort in knowing that if they need a wheelchair for their transport but do not have their own chair, all our wheelchair vans have their own wheelchairs on board for our patient’s convenience.  If you need a bariatric (extra-wide) wheelchair, please contact our office prior to your transport so that we can make sure the vehicle assigned to your trip has a bariatric wheelchair outfitted in the vehicle.

Livery Van

MP Care also carries a fleet of livery vans capable of transporting up to 6 passengers.  Our livery fleet consists of Hyundai Entourage mini-vans and our most recent additions, include the Volkswagen Routan  mini-vans.  

15 Passenger Van Shuttles

MP Care recently introduced a new line of vehicles to our growing fleet, the 15 passenger shuttle van.  Utilizing the late model Ford series E-350 15 passenger vans, MP Care is able to provide livery shuttle services for its clients and contracted facilities.